– Have gotten some g – Have gotten some great feedback on this awesome radio spot! Adam at Cosmic knocked this out of the park.

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This will not help “struggling construction firms”.

Government is proposing tax breaks for “struggling construction firms”.

However, as the article admits in the third sentence, this really isn’t meant to help construction firms, rather developers, and specifically hotel developers.

Because if a developer knows that a builder is able to secure a payroll tax break on their project, they will fully expect that savings to pass up the chain to the developer.  So the “struggling construction firm” really benefits very little from this.

Given the volume of work and the number of firms still out there, there remains almost NO profitability in the industry at the moment.  This move by Government doesn’t help that.  Not that I am arguing they should intervene significantly.  The free market still has work to do.

What this does is provide an increment of incentive to potential overseas hotel developers.  As I have said before, making a major new Bermuda hotel development financially feasible verges on the impossible.  If Government can increase the likelihood of financial feasibility by offering concessions, I am definitely in support.  They aren’t getting taxes on the Club Med site now, so they have nothing to lose.

But my point here is that this move will not help “struggling construction firms”, nor was it designed to.  At least not directly.


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“National Training Plan”

Following up on our last post, Government’s new National Training Plan has some depth and organization to it, but unfortunately not much is new. Not that there necessarily needs to be any wheels reinvented. The schemes set out in the National Training Board’s various acts and regulations over the last decade are more than capable of giving trades training a shot in the arm, and the “Plan” seems to recognize that and utilizes them.

And thankfully, the plan recognizes that National Certification is the foundation. Something I wholeheartedly agree with.

Unfortunately, we have heard before that additional trades will be certified before.  No additional trades have been established as ‘designated trades’ since the previous Government did so for Electricians back in 2010.

Waiting and watching.

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Gov’t has come out with a National Training Plan

Not unexpectedly, Gov’t has come out with a “National Training Plan”. Opinion to follow after absorbing its 52 pgs.

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Send us your layoffs…

I just sent this email around to everyone on my construction network contact list, figured it wouldn’t hurt to add it here too…

Good day,
Yes, you read the subject line right, please send us your layoffs.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to lay off any of your decent employees, please give them one of the attached forms or send them to our website at Please forward this on to your HR departments as well.

Workforce Ltd. has been successful in placing tradesmen of all flavours into temporary roles with a variety of companies, and we are always on the lookout for talent. Masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters, welders, machine operators, truckers; all trades.

If you find yourself in immediate need of someone; perhaps you have a deadline to hit or have recently started a new project that needs additional resources, please give us a call. We have reference and skill checked hundreds of different tradespeople and have individuals ready to jump in at a moments notice. Our rates are extremely competitive and you don’t have to make the commitment of a permanent hire.

We can help you hit your deadlines while remaining lean.


Alex M. DeCouto
Workforce Ltd.


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Diamonds in the rough…

It has been a frantic month in my world, with candidates starting to pile through the doors with increasing frequency following the RG story and word-of-mouth building momentum.

I’ve been making hiring decisions for some time in my roles with other businesses, so nothing has really surprised me. Still, if I could make a sweeping statement, people in the trades generally do an extremely poor job selling themselves. Only half of applicants actually have a resume, a likely unfortunate outcome of a lack of access or computer skills. Almost none of them give a complete work history. What they do provide does a poor job highlighting what skills they actually have. Most of the time I have to conduct interviews right on the spot, poking and probing to figure out just what they have done in the past, what their core skills are, and what kind of role they hope to secure.

Of course, most will say “I’ll do anything!”.

This is perhaps indicative of the desperation people feel when they are unemployed, but it is the last thing I or a potential employer wants to hear.

What we want to hear is “I do (X) extremely well”.

Followed quickly by “and (reference) will attest to that”.

However, references have tended to be pretty lame. I can’t believe how many people put their MP down! Or Suzy home-maker. Or their pastor. The kind of reference I need is one that REALLY knows what a skilled tradesman should be able to do, frequently a construction supervisor or business owner. Rarely have I gotten this.

However, again drawing from my experience, I know that there are sometimes diamonds in those roughs. Many of my best employees originally walked through the door unsolicited, without a resume, and did a poor job selling themselves. But the timing was right and they got an opportunity, and I ended up with a great employee.

So I have been honing my skills; learning to ask the right questions, uncover a candidates core attributes, and pair her/him with the right employer. Candidates need to be doing something they love to do, and do well, in order to ultimately be successful.

Are you a diamond?

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